When your cats come and stay I will endeavor to brush and take out some of those troublesome knots. There may be a fee included if cat needs major clipping. If your feline friend is too aggressive or annoyed that I’m even trying, I may not be able to do this service.

Cat Boarding
Your cats are safe and snug in our purpose built cattery. There is one lounge and one sunroom where cats are able to hang out during the day and enjoy the company of others. Each cat has its own walk in enclosure where it can be alone if need be. Cats are usually put away at night unless they prefer to be out and about.

Cindy is sole charge of this area so the cats get to know her and they become great friends. The less people that enter this area the better for the cats to settle and relax. You are more than welcome to visit.

A radio is on belting out those magic tunes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Occasionally one of them takes exception to this and changes the station. 😁

Pet Taxi
We offer pick up and drop off to our facilities for both boarding dogs and cats. This is available between 11am and 3pm and must be booked. The cost from Feilding, Palmerston North and close surrounding areas is from $25 each way.

We are also now offering a pet taxi service where we can pick you and your pet up and take you to your destination and back again if needed. I.e. vet check ups. This is only available between 11am and 3 pm, Monday to Friday. POA

Deluxe Suite
This is for small or elderly dogs who may like to sleep on a couch and be away from the other dogs and spend more time with humans. They get to greet all our visitors and have more interaction with humans. This is available in the colder months from February to November. Price is $30 per day.

Dog boarding
We believe in giving each dog individual attention. Dogs will go out and run by themselves or with one other that suits their personality. Because we are a small family business we have the time and dedication to ensure dogs stay happy and stress free. By not running in a pack they are less likely to be overwhelmed.

There are times especially with smaller dogs that 3 or more can hang out together because size does matter. We do not run small dogs with big dogs, unless from the same family.

We do take unsocial dogs as long as they are friendly with us humans. Our facilities allow these dogs to have a nice run on their own socialising through fences, so no dog gets hurt or stressed.

Doggy Day Care
We have a limit of 10 daycare dogs so we can ensure that they are having fun while being fully supervised. When it is time for a rest they are put away separately or with their new friends. Day care dogs must be social with other dogs.